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Motivistr is a free iPhone app, which is currently under construction… Motivistr is your mobile network of motivation. Invite friends to support your goals. Use their encouragement to achieve your dreams.

For this website, Reframeable created the content, developed the site structure, created the name “Motivistr”, secured all social media handles, developed the strapline, developed the logo, and created the app’s wireframe, concept and functionality.

Pink FamiliesPink FamiliesPink Families

Pink Families

Reframeable has developed PinkFamilies, which was launched in June 2013.

This included: building the site; creating the content; achieving site engine optimisation (SEO); developing the logo for Pink Families; and sourcing, editing and uploading the images. We also created the information architecture for this very large site (which currently has more than 100 pages/posts). We have created a social media presence, and we have built an online and ever-expanding audience.

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