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Reframeable works at the intersection of human-centred design, foresight/futures and systems thinking to help organisations shape the futures they want, by design. We help you join the dots when grappling with wicked problems by drawing on the key human capabilities of our times: futures/foresight, design and systems thinking.

We have embarked on an exciting collaboration with Claire Marshall of IfLabs, working on the next stage of the Museum of Futures. We’re thrilled to announce that the Museum of Futures has received funding from the City of Sydney to create a new exhibition entitled Museum of Futures: Pandemic Pivots, which will bring artists and communities together to collaboratively co-design the futures they want amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reframeable was formed by Mel Rumble in 2012 when her focus was purely digital production. In recent years, Reframeable has grown with Mel – who recently graduated with a Master of Strategic Foresight, having also worked in UX/human-centred design/content strategy roles for the past 4 years – to include futures/strategic foresight and design methodologies, and the designing of futures.

Digital production/website technical admin work undertaken by Reframeable includes:

  • Build/content management/SEO for 20+ websites
  • Technical administration (includes daily monitoring/updating of plugins and WordPress Core updates, site security monitoring, hosting management and regular backups) for 15 websites, including

In the coming year, Reframeable’s focus will continue to grow to encompass more futures and design methodologies. Please do get in contact if you are interested in booking a call or meeting for a coffee to find out more…


Reframeable’s mission is to use foresight/futuring, design, collaborative and systems methodologies to co-design environments that catalyse the emergence of regenerative, flourishing, just and inclusive futures.

We seek to nurture substrates where ideas and alliances can organically emerge. We aim to continuously learn and iterate by folding new information and conditions into the mix as these come to the surface in real time.


Asking good questions

We never stop asking questions. We’re passionate about facing and tackling problems that matter.

Our current favourite question is:

How might we build foresight as a societal capacity, and enable a wider diversity of people to contribute to the shaping of futures?

What’s your favourite question right now?

Who we are


Our focus on diversity helps us to join the dots across markets, fields, ideas, cultures and professions. We seek to involve the widest range of perspectives every step of the way. We honour the power that comes from including diverse mindsets, approaches and mental models.



We believe in striving for the common good, and making a contribution towards regenerative and inclusive futures in everything that we do. We put anticipation front and centre, and consider consequences as a matter of course. This includes creating spaces to contemplate and own unintended consequences when reflecting on each iteration of a project.


Global perspective, local action

Reframeable is based in Sydney Australia, and we work globally. Currently, we work with organisations in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe.

What we do